06, Oct Brandon Walter

One due diligence project we started in Glendale a while back is starting to go full steam ahead through engineering, as another project is finishing up the due diligence in Glendale.

We are also getting our first taste of a new condo project about to shortly start construction in Torrance. With a few Hollywood Hills projects about to go under construction we are starting the grading plans on a few more. Spread throughout LA we have quite a few Single Family Residential hillside projects in various stages of the process. Not to mention more than a couple of apartments in each stage of the grading plans to construction phases.

More updates to come as I gather my thoughts on what projects to talk about first. As a side note the new LA City LID requirements aren't so bad. Though if your project is over 2500 sqft of new roof area in an ESA zone, there is a bit more drainage design to go through. Can't wait to talk about one particular project in the Hollywood Hills that has been through many iterations.

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