Over the last eight months we have successfully submitted our Civil Engineering plans to varying cities and have gained approval on the 1st try, either over the counter or through the plan check process.

I was holding off on mentioning this until we submitted our large mixed use project on Lankershim, North Hollywood.  I was crossing my fingers as we went to meet with the plan checker at Los Angeles Building and Safety on the 7th floor.  He looked over the plans in a lot of detail and said they look good and were approved.  We didn’t get those planned approved through the Stormwater section over the counter.  But that was more on the account that they wanted a formal submittal.  So we will see if we can continue this streak.  We are proud of being able to draw up a set of plans to quickly meet any of our client’s deadlines and get them approved faster than anyone else I have heard of.  In fact we have taken on projects that other companies straight out won’t touch because the deadlines are too fast.  As long as we have the survey and siteplan I can generally tell you exactly how many days something will take, and we can normally beat that original timing given out.

Next up is a project from the past coming back to life over near The Getty on Sepulveda.  This is a a pretty large single family home that the owner will be redoing inside and out.  The big issue on the site is a matter of an illegally built wall built by the neighbor on the wrong property.  This unpermitted wall has been falling over and holds up a sewer main.  So we are going to design a new retaining wall below and fill in between both walls.  There will be some other tricky designs such as getting a large backyard into a pump to drain out to Sepulveda.  The alternative would be connecting to the storm drain directly, but the cost involved with closing off a major street and trenching said street to the other side would be way too expensive.

In the not so distant future we will be working on a nearly impossible multiple home site on Mulholland overlooking the Hollywood Sign and Griffith Observatory.  We have been working on getting a road to work up the hillside.  Our Civil Engineering firm, B+W Engineering and Design, has been growing slowly but surely, and we look forward to start working on some more complicated to nearly impossible jobs in the future.

Approvals was last modified: March 24th, 2013 by Brandon Lee

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