I sometimes get a case of what do I do?  How would this look in real life?  What have builders done before?  Lately I have been using my daily run to help me solve some simple civil engineering problems.  One came up today regarding how an electrical transformer sits in landscaped area inside of a parking lot.

Trying to figure out what elevation the finished floor of the transformer should sit on in relation to eroding of the soil over time is easy to figure out at first glance.  But maybe there are some not so obvious problems that may pop up.  The height of the curb may allow cars to travel slowly enough over the curb and hit the transformer.  Or the landscaping may pool up and cause water to pool around the transformer box, because the civil engineering drainage does not work correctly around the area.  In the case of what I saw, the electrical transformer does sit on an elevated pad slightly above the landscaped area.  I don’t see any problems and this appears to be correct with our current design.

Using currently built real life construction as a hint for design helps so much when you get stuck on some very simple civil engineering design problems.

Civil Engineering Transformer

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