Container House Construction in Redondo Beach

I had a meeting in the South Bay this morning, and decided to check out a few projects that I thought were under construction. Good timing as one I really wanted to see was at the stage I wanted to see it in.

The basic grading design was a slightly flat lot that was lower than the street. The idea was to slope part of the site to the rear yard into a stormwater sump pump. The front yard was a little tricky to keep what the owner was going for. A deck like place to sit out in the sun. The front unit and front yard both sheet flow to the front of the property into the same catch basin that the pump will discharge into.

I was greeted by the container house that I remember the grading plans very well. I pictured the containers being used differently, but they are definitely visible. Redondo Beach Container House Construction

From the other side the containers show a bit more. I was at a previous project by this Architect in Venice, and after they get their coat of paint, they look very good. Redondo Beach Container House Construction

A little close up to see how the containers are put together. Redondo Beach Container House Construction

Another view showing underneath the second floor. Redondo Beach Container House Construction

I really liked seeing how the overhang was attached. Redondo Beach Container House Construction

Not too much more regarding the grading until they finish the building off. This grading plan was approved after the second submittal through Redondo Beach.

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