Glendale Enterprise Open for Business

Some of our more interesting projects are going through revisions, so I want to wait for that to happen before I write about them. I was at the first of two Enterprise locations in Glendale, which luckily enough I went to the finished site during the rain.

First picture showing the finished project. The old site had what looked like a trailer in the middle of the lot and parking all around. The new building is now at the corner with parking in the rear. Entrance to Building The entrance is interesting as the parking lot slopes towards the building, which also has the ADA access and ADA parking spot. Notice how I was able to keep the ADA portion flat, with the swale outside of the path. Everything is sloped to drain towards the swale. Entrance to Building Another view of the ADA parking spot. Entrance to Building The parking lot is a mix of where the old building was along with the old parking. We were able to get out of Low Impact Development requirements by cutting up the parking lot on the plans, but showing all new paving. Entrance to Building Heading towards the rear of the lot, we placed a catch basin to collect the storm water before entering the car wash. This is more of a nuissance catch basin that also ties in some drains around the property. Entrance to Building Another shot of the swale in relation to the ADA access and front entrance. Entrance to Building The swale leads to a catch basin in the driveway. We were trying to keep an access door level with the driveway and keep this area more flat. Entrance to Building Here you can see how the driveway slopes down faster away from the rear door. A trench drain along the property line capture the remaining water on site Entrance to Building From there, pipes take everything to the curb face through a parkway drain.

The next Enterprise in Glendale will start construction soon, and I hope to catch some of the more complicated portions of that drainage system during different phases. That drainage system being a lot of infiltration tanks buried under the parking lot.

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