Hollywood Enterprise Almost Finished

After a good meeting with the City of LA for the 3rd of 4 apartment projects above Sunset near the Arclight Cinemas, I headed over to another project over there, the Enterprise Rent-a-Car on Gower. The office is scheduled to open next month so I got nearly finished pictures of the site.

Grading Starting off there was a gentle massage from our grading plans to remove a curbface being used for drainage. As soon as I got there, the project manager was running water down the area to make sure it worked. That’s a good way to start walking a project site as its almost done. Grading This is the small area where storm water will come from. Somewhat more of a nuisance than a huge portion of water hitting the invisible swale. Grading A slightly better view showing from the rear of the building to the rear of the parking lot. Grading Looking out from the middle of the building to the corner of the front parking lot. All of the stormwater will lead to underground infiltration tanks, underneath the visble catch basin. Grading The car wash at the back of the lot drains down the driveway. Grading The car wash driveway heads towards the center of the parking aisle to a swale. Grading Another view of how the carwash driveway works with the parking below. Grading Looking down the driveway swale. The parking spots to the left and right drain to the center. Grading From the rear corner of the lot, I tried to keep the lot as flat as possible with being able to still sheet flow the entire site in case everything plugs. Grading This is the car wash which has a couple of parking spots. The gutters’ downspouts travel underneath the parking lot to the underground infiltration tanks. Scuppers are used on the roof for overflow. Grading The final portion of the parking lot which has the catch basin in place. The blue pipe is the inspection and cleanout pipe for the infiltration tanks. Grading The test water traveled to the swale and made its way to the catch basin nice and smooth. With the parking lot being all concrete, there is a definite optical illusion to how the site drains. Appears flat, but its really not that flat. Grading The main office building stands proudly in the sun. I asked the Architect why he positioned the building on the low side, as being on the high side is much easier to design. He said it was the way the sun hits the building. Grading The completely destroyed sidewalk before any demo work was done, is now this nice super smooth concrete sidewalk and driveway. This area made me most happy to see, as what was here before was dangerous to walk on. Grading Underneath the front sideyard is where the drainage piping all comes to the curbface outlet. Grading Soon, there will be an ADA ramp to access the building from the sidewalk. Typically we get the design from the Architect. That design gets tweaked as we set the finished floor of the building. In this case we added this ramp from the very first iteration of the siteplan. Grading Standing on the sidewalk we see how the parking lot looks from the street. The LID (Low Impact Development) design is hidden as well. And here is the beautiful new Enterprise Rent-a-Car office building. The sun does hit this very well in the middle of the day.

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