Does your HP48GX calculator ON button not work right anymore?

If you are like me your HP48GX calculator is something that cannot be replaced.  Whether you are used to the perfect button setup or the feel of the buttons.  Most engineers that I know that own an HP48GX swear by the calculator.  Not to mention all of the handy but expensive addon packs that you may have been collecting throughout the years.  Did I mention expensive addon packs that you are so used to working with that you could operate the calculator in your sleep?

Recently my HP48GX calculator decided to not turn on anymore.  At first I thought time to change the batteries.  To my horror putting new batteries in the calculator did nothing.  Then I thought to myself oh no the screen finally bit the dust.  After searching Google I came to the conclusion that the screen was most likely fine, but the contacts on the motherboard because of age have somehow fallen apart.  I was able to finally hit the calculator enough and was able to use it once again.  Whacking the ON button or slamming the case against a desk didn’t seem like a very good fix.

So I decided to look for parts.  As we all know the HP48GX was discontinued many years ago and now even parts are hard to come by.  So repair wasn’t the answer I was looking for.  There must be a cheaper easier fix.  More searching has other fixes as spraying contact cleaner in between the buttons.  I don’t have contact cleaner in front of me, so that wouldn’t work at this very moment.

HP48GX Calculator ON Button FixThrough some more searching I came across an odd fix.  Push above the B and C buttons and push on to make a better contact on the motherboard.  And what do you know my HP48GX calculator’s ON button now works.  The picture shows a highlighted portion where to push between the B and C buttons.

HP48GX On Button Workaround

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