More LA City Changes Coming

As we have more projects approved and more projects coming in, LA City appears to be changing a few things.

Low Impact Development for small scale residential has a new corrections list. Or they now have a new corrections list based on a certain square footage of a proposed house. I am still unclear on what's going on. For a house with over a 1500 square foot footprint, we now have to use LA County methods to calculate for LID. First time I am seeing it and their website has not been updated to show the changes. For us this means we now need a LID report, and to do that report we probably need to run the lot's hydrology, which adds yet another report. We run the hydrology numbers for the design, but we haven't had to prove those numbers on smaller lots in the past. I will keep the site updated as I learn more.

The other huge change is that the Baseline Hillside Ordinance is being rewritten and should come out any day now. Many loopholes were taken out, like basements, and the new earthwork quantities sound like it will be 1500 cubic yards total no matter what. Before we had about 750 cubic yards to work with, but had a bunch of exemptions to allow for basements, driveways, foundations, etc. to not count to the total. Now we may have a flat 1500 cubic yards to work with for the entire site work. Not so bad for smaller lots, but this would appear to stop enormous projects from happening without variances.

I was over in Bel Air taking a long drive around the canyons with a friend as he gave me the history of the area. He has been there over 50 years and has a wealth of knowledge of who lived where and what he has seen being knocked down and constructed. Very interesting and if I was to take a wild guess this area is what triggered a lot of these changes. One of our projects that went through all the previous loopholes may have triggered some of this as well. Will talk about that one more once caissons are in the ground. Will we see helicopters deliver part of the house? I can't wait to take a look at the new Baseline Hillside Ordinance.

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