We decided to play Disc Golf at La Mirada Regional Park.


La Mirada Regional Park Disc Golf Course

La Mirada Regional Park Disc Golf Course


The park is over 100 Acres and has everything anyone would ever want in a park.  The beautiful sunny Southern California day was perfect to be out in the open park with rolling hills and nicely aged trees.  I wasn’t expecting to write anything about this outing until I kept seeing drainage devices all over the Disc Golf course.  After a certain point of throwing discs into the swales and walking constantly over the swales, I decided to start taking pictures.

The park is full of rolling hills with various drainage devices designed to catch stormwater.  Most of the areas have been designed very well from a pure Civil Engineering standpoint.  But as a park, a lot of these devices and structures impede heavily on the walkability of the park.  I am not sure who thought that building a swale that cuts the park in pieces was a good idea, but this clearly gets in the way of the beauty of the landscape.

La Mirada Regional Park is considered one of the best Disc Golf courses and I can see why.  The grounds are taken care of with the obvious nice plush green grass covering the entire site.  Some areas are slowly starting to erode, but the different types of drainage devices and structures are doing their job directing water flow to help with keeping the erosion to a minimum.  If you are in the Los Angeles region and want to try out a new sport or want to check out one of the best Disc Golf courses La Mirada Regional Park cannot be beat.

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