New Year New Website

New Year New Website

18, Feb Brandon Walter

As the old site started to become too cluttered I wanted to bring the website up to date. In with a new layout and out with the old.

The business has become very busy and I figured a good way to take a small break was to redesign the website. We go from using a database backend to a flat file system. The simplicity helps with how confusing everything became to navigate. I won't be updating the main portion of the site too much and will rely on the blog instead.

What that means is that pretty much all of the pictures will end up here. The old site is still up, though powered down as I transfer the DNS over. I get enough emails to know the old posts are still worth reading, so the archives will slowly come back to here. I don't want to make a straight transfer as the new blog would become a mess again. So its picking and choosing how to approach this to keep the simplicity intact. With that simplicity, there is also loading speed. That speed optimization helps with our search rankings. Though I am sure almost starting the site from scratch will hurt that in the short term.

Long term I am hopeful that we have an increased presence on the search engines. As I type this I am waiting for a new SSL/TLS certificate to work, but if that doesn't happen, I break the site again and renew the letsencrypt certificate.

The picture above is from a site walk where if the client understands and likes my idea, they may get around a lot of red tape, and save a lot of money. 2017 is going to be very interesting.

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