Proposed Grading Plan Model

Proposed Grading Plan Model

28, Jan Brandon Walter

I always like to see what our plans look like in 3D, especially the hillside grading plans. A comparison between the existing and proposed hillside are below.

As posted earlier, Grading in the Hollywood Hills, we build an existing and proposed model to get the earthwork. This also allows us to produce a nice map that shows the depth of cut and fill. I was working on a short deadline so I only had the existing model while I took a break from the grading plans.

Hollywood Hills grading render

As I take another break from some other projects we have the proposed model that was used for earthwork numbers, and most likely a cut/fill plot plan for LADBS. If you were curious to see how a multi story house appears into the side of a mountain look no further. The lowest level has a stepped area to an upper level. The sideyard on the right, I am showing the driveway held up with a retaining wall. We may change this into steps going down or a natural slope. But I prefer having a larger driveway on top so a retaining wall makes more sense to allow more driveway space off of the tight street.

Next up on the list of posts to make is once we get further in redesigning a mixed-use apartment building in Glendale. The general concept is creating two separate projects into one while completely changing the Low Impact Development (LID) mitigation from raised planter boxes to a drywell in the process. This is quite an odd project as no one is familiar with how to go about rechecking the plans. Size wise the final building will stretch from one street to another, will be two separate buildings, and have access from Phase 1 to 2, but not the other way around. Everything about the construction of this project is more interesting than normal, grading plan wise. We are also coming up with interesting ways to hide LID on some of the single family residential projects around Los Angeles. I love hiding drainage mitigation devices on a property.

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