As I was looking for some pictures I came across some oddball pictures, of sewer grates I took as we were doing some very last minute walking around the Gold Souk area in Dubai.

Taking taxis, the amazing train system, and walking around Dubai you can’t really stop looking at all of the buildings that have been built over the last few years.  But me with my Civil Engineering background, I like to see how some of the infrastructure works.  I started to look all over the place for things to take pictures of.  I think it was just way too hot to really get the cameras out and take photos like I thought I would.  While walking in the harsh desert heat we were pretty much looking for the next chilly building to escape the sun.  Here are a couple pictures of sewer grates.  Nothing special but not something you probably see posted on the internet.

I wonder when I will find the crazy drainage stuff I took pictures of while in South East Asia?

Sewer Grates in Dubai was last modified: May 9th, 2013 by Brandon Lee

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