Steep Slope Design in Sherman Oaks

This is one of the more interesting slope designs we have done recently, in Sherman Oaks.

A requirement for a proposed house is to grade the slope below touching the street to 1:1 as the slope currently is a vertical cliff.

Sherman Oaks Steep Slope

The first picture shows a render spun around so it looks flat to see how the 1:1 works with a 5' transition on either side to match into the neighboring existing slope. The slope starts with a short wall at street levels, goes up about 27 feet and daylights into a less steep portion of the slope. We need a transition and in the past Soils Engineers have let us go with a 5' transition to daylight into the sideyard.

Sherman Oaks Steep Slope

Spinning the render around more, shows how steep a 1:1 slope really is.

As we become more busy its hard to pick and choose what is interesting to post about. I think I will have a project in Silver Lake that can render well once the design is closer to final.

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