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TLS - Transport Layer Security

25, Feb Brandon Walter

I added an SSL Certificate from Lets Encrypt. If anyone notices, the website is now pointing to https instead of http. I have been wanting to add a trusted certificate but they aren't exactly easy to add and maintain on a domain.

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Unfinished Business

26, Jan Brandon Walter

As we submit more hillside grading plans to the City of Los Angeles, we are being asked to prove our cut and fill numbers, and also break out those areas. The best way that has worked in the past is by running the earthwork, showing the cut and fill depths on a separate exhibit, and be done with the questions. I used to only do this on the more complicated projects, but lately anything moving soil we are being asked for this. Just about all drainage plans have some movement of soil, so now I will be posting some of these as the larger sloped lots look pretty nice with flybys.

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IPv6 is Enabled

04, Jul Brandon Walter

Sometimes its fun to be on the bleeding edge of technology. Its funny how many things I was an early adopter for and had to hack my way through the problems to get the things working. Recently I was able to hack my way into making a monitor work in a way its not supposed to, just to see if I could do it. I have to be careful on our software, as some Civil Engineering software is outdated to the point I am running Virtual Machines with an old version of Windows to do some calculations. I do have some software running in Windows 8.1 that supposedly is not possible to run in anything above Windows 7. So what did I have planned for the 4th of July? To bring our website into the IPv6 era.

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Server Upgrade Time

22, Jun Brandon Walter

Yes we are still here. If posting appears slower, its only because things are too hectic. Even moving, compressing, and then watermarking pictures is starting to eat up time I would rather use taking a break from the screen. Even though we are extremely busy, I needed to pay some attention to the computer gear which I have been neglecting for too long. Now that its about all over with,  I figure this is a good time to at least update the blog.

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