When in Doubt, Ask

When in Doubt, Ask

22, Feb Brandon Walter

I will always remember one of my project managers who would grill anyone who said they know everything. I didn't get grilled because I always asked questions, I promise no one knows everything.

Which leads me to something I was having trouble seeing. I originally showed this area completely shored up. But the developer did not want to spend more money than nessecary on caissons. The structural had come up with this design and I could not see where to end the 1:1 cut slope contours. After taking a few breaks to think about this, I decided to ask the structural what he had in mind in this area. After I received his quick sketch. It was so simple.

Glendale Excavation Shoring

We normally have some room to make vertical cuts on a site. But not this site. I kept the left side to where I couldn't figure this out, and the right side to the correct design. We grade down to the shoring and grade up to the shoring. Kind of odd but works really well in this situation.

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