Hermosa Beach C-Sheet Near the Water

Hermosa Beach C-Sheet Featured Image

We recently started a couple of new Hermosa Beach C-Sheets, which are always interesting to make these work. A C-Sheet is like a combination of a grading plan or drainage plan, and a public works improvement plan. After the first plan check, some other information will go onto the plan based on the plan checkers comments. Most of the time they want text added to say that anything in the public right of way cannot be taller than 42″. The C-Sheet is more than a grading plan in that respect. This particular C-Sheet has two… Continue reading…

Google Drive and the Cloud


I made an earlier blog post, Synology, NAS, Cloud Sync and Backups, about how we were able to incorporate Google Drive with our NAS for backups and syncing of files. Since we were the first ones talking about doing this with Beta software in a business environment I figure now is a great time for an update. What lead me to this post is after I was showing my Mom how she could use Google Drive for one of the clubs that she is in. I think she found it very useful that she could… Continue reading…

Bethlehem Steel Documentary


Found this great documentary video on the history of Bethlehem Steel. Some serious US History. Businessmen, war, unions, women in the workforce, immigrant workers, engineers, just everything great about this country. And steel!

Redondo Beach Residential Under Construction


I decided to take a drive down to Redondo Beach today to see how our grading plans are going as they are now under construction. [Show as slideshow] I can’t wait to see the sump pump install as well as the final retaining walls wrapping the property. These grading plans were detailed to say the least. The plan check process seemed over the top as well. But in the end this property is going to be very nice with a little pocket view of the ocean from at least one of the units.

Soil Nail Retaining Walls – SNAILZ from Caltrans


We have a few oddball programs that seem to no longer be available¬†on their respective sites. One being SNAILZ, which was a Caltrans software to help design soil nails retaining walls. I saw this requested in an engineering forum and decided to put a link up for anyone who still needs to use SNAILZ. This also includes the manual in PDF. If there is any reason I should take this down please let me know. SNAILZ 3.10 Link, on mega. I put this through¬†virustotal to double check for viruses. The SHA256 matches between this file… Continue reading…