Low Impact Development Needs a Major Overhaul


Just as I think implementing Low Impact Development has become ridiculous, the cities are starting to one up that thought. Our experience recently, roughly since August 2014, is that a grading plan is going to incorporate LID at any cost to the entire site. My brain is starting to become a jumble as I research the County and specific City requirements to┬átry and come up with a way to fight what we are being pushed to design. I can understand the idea behind storm water quality coming off of a site. But when a site… Continue reading…

Shoring Construction in Glendale


The shoring is coming along in Glendale. Stopped by the site to see where construction is at. Mainly because last week we submitted the grading plans for Phase 2. The first level of the underground parking is level. and the shoring continues to go in. Excited to see how Phase 2 gets built in conjunction with Phase 1 as they are staggered plan submittals.  

Ferrari and Maserati of Newport Beach Revisited


Since we went to visit the Lyon Air Museum, anyone want to take a wild guess what was right down the street? Can I really pass up a chance to take a look at some Ferraris, especially a building we helped design the grading plans for? Sounds like a win win situation to me. The path I designed to bring a car through the parking without anything in the way wasn’t being used. But if a low car needed to drive around the parking lot, the swale can be dodged. This was something I had… Continue reading…

Veterans Day and Engineering


I have been a bit more behind the scenes during the last week and for good reason. As we kept delaying our kitchen remodel I designated this past week to start the demo of our kitchen. But we still have a business to run so I have been working back and forth on plans and the kitchen. Not as easy to manage as I thought it would be. My mindset is to get this done as fast as possible, but my body can only handle so much work in front of a computer and so… Continue reading…

Condo Nearing Completion in Redondo Beach


I got a quick chance to drive by another Condo in Redondo Beach that is under construction. Two separate units with underground parking is under construction. One unit will have a view of the ocean. This particular job has a lot that slopes down from the street. B+W designed the grading plan to collect all of the stormwater into a series of area drains, trench drains, and catch basins to a stormwater sump pump system located in the lower parking level. A stormwater sump pump was designed to convey the entire yard to a catch… Continue reading…