Construction for Excavation Plans in Glendale


I ask and ask and ask and still never know when the hole will be dug. Its not a game for me to figure out will I be able to get pictures of the beginnings of construction on our projects. This time I was able to catch my favorite part, digging the big hole in Glendale on the corner of California and Central for phase 1 of a mixed-use apartment. I am going to eventually try to get a shot once the underground parking is deeper and overlay our excavation plan in 3D over it.… Continue reading…

Glendale City Lights Construction Begins


I had a chance to stop by our project, City Lights, in Glendale on Central and California today. The project site sits across from the Sears and brand new Lex on Orange. After driving by here since the grading plans were approved, finally construction crews and equipment have arrived. The shoring will be going up for the excavation. The big hole in the ground is my favorite part of any of our projects that have basements or underground parking. It also turns out that this will be phase one of a two phase project. Phase… Continue reading…

Technology Has Come a Long Way


Taking a short break today as its just been hectic the last many months. The short story is when plans are not finished I can’t make sense of them. The long story is that after many hours of trying to align one of our newer projects together, I found out that the Architect wasn’t done with their plans yet. So much hair pulling and it was all for nothing. We were given a set deadline a few days ago, so why would I think they aren’t done yet? Just one of those days. I can’t… Continue reading…

A Grading Plan Concept Challenge


I like to think of all of our grading projects as a challenge. In the scheme of things I have to remind myself that what I talk about on here is minor. I try to keep the dialog non technical as I can. Minor meaning we can design¬†whatever we are given if its possible. I have come to the conclusion lately that asking even more questions than I normally do upfront leads to less headaches as a project progresses. I got a little flack as I am working on plans for yet another rush project… Continue reading…

NOHO Mixed-Use Construction


I took a drive today to check out some of our larger projects and was nicely surprised to see the Lankershim NOHO Mixed-Use, in North Hollywood,¬†is coming along quickly. Pictures below.