Happy New Year

2017!! Happy New Year! Thank you everyone, especially our clients and consultants.

Merry Christmas

Doesn’t look like we will be taking a break between Christmas and New Years this year. Merry Christmas.

Hollywood Enterprise Almost Finished

After a good meeting with the City of LA for the 3rd of 4 apartment projects above Sunset near the Arclight Cinemas, I headed over to another project over there, the Enterprise Rent-a-Car on Gower. The office is scheduled to open next month so I got nearly finished pictures of the site. Starting off there was a gentle massage from our grading plans to remove a curbface being used for drainage. As soon as I got there, the project manager was running water down the area to make sure it worked. That’s a good way… Continue reading…


What a hectic last few months. I am not sure where to start, but we are still here going stronger than ever, hence the ambition blog title. One due diligence project we started in Glendale a while back is starting to go full steam ahead through engineering, as another project is finishing up the due diligence in Glendale. We are also getting our first taste of a new condo project about to shortly start construction in Torrance. With a few Hollywood Hills projects about to go under construction we are starting the grading plans on… Continue reading…

Rain Barrels and Raised Planter Boxes

As we start to produce the grading plans and drainage plans in Los Angeles under the new Low Impact Development requirements, we have a much better sense of what’s involved. While wrapping my head around the increased sizing for the different mitigations, I decided to take a rough size increase for planter boxes and rain barrels. For a 1500sqft impervious improvement (mainly new roof), we are sizing approximately 1.4 times the size of what these devices used to be. Previously we would be able to use 8 55-gallon rain barrels (440 gallons total), now we… Continue reading…