How Our Project Drains During the Big Storm of the Year


I know, it never rains in Southern California, but when it does rain, it pours. And today it poured. Cats, dogs, cars, whatever you want to call it, today the sky doused the Los Angeles area with much needed rain. Even though a less focused amount of water would be better, we will take whatever we can get for the severely drought stricken State of California. I always want to see new projects and how the drainage works in real life. Starting off the day waiting and waiting, watching Weather in Motion until I realized the… Continue reading…

Glendale Excavation Gets Deeper


We are paying closer attention to this project in Downtown Glendale near the Americana and Glendale Galleria because we will be revising the grading plans as the building is under construction. Not the best time to go about this, but nothing can be done with the situation. So onto some construction pictures for our grading plans in Glendale. As you can see the excavation has reached the lowest elevation of the underground parking. The shoring is up. And now what will happen is that the City wants us to revise our Low Impact Development design. Because… Continue reading…

Santa Clarita Enterprise Rent-a-Car Construction Complete


Nothing makes us more happy than to see one of our projects completed, getting the grading certification, and about to be occupied. The finished product, Enterprise Rent-a-Car, came out great. The outside of the building has the Enterprise Rent-a-Car look. The deep setback is for a possible but not likely future street widening. That street widening dictated quite a bit of how the grading plans were designed. There is a future right of way around the rear of the building that would connect Magic Mountaing Parkway and Bouquet Canyon, making this lot of Enterprise and the… Continue reading…

Low Impact Development Needs a Major Overhaul


Just as I think implementing Low Impact Development has become ridiculous, the cities are starting to one up that thought. Our experience recently, roughly since August 2014, is that a grading plan is going to incorporate LID at any cost to the entire site. My brain is starting to become a jumble as I research the County and specific City requirements to try and come up with a way to fight what we are being pushed to design. I can understand the idea behind storm water quality coming off of a site. But when a site… Continue reading…

Shoring Construction in Glendale


The shoring is coming along in Glendale. Stopped by the site to see where construction is at. Mainly because last week we submitted the grading plans for Phase 2. The first level of the underground parking is level. and the shoring continues to go in. Excited to see how Phase 2 gets built in conjunction with Phase 1 as they are staggered plan submittals.