Redondo Beach Residential Under Construction


I decided to take a drive down to Redondo Beach today to see how our grading plans are going as they are now under construction. [Show as slideshow] I can’t wait to see the sump pump install as well as the final retaining walls wrapping the property. These grading plans were detailed to say the least. The plan check process seemed over the top as well. But in the end this property is going to be very nice with a little pocket view of the ocean from at least one of the units.

Soil Nail Retaining Walls – SNAILZ from Caltrans


We have a few oddball programs that seem to no longer be available on their respective sites. One being SNAILZ, which was a Caltrans software to help design soil nails retaining walls. I saw this requested in an engineering forum and decided to put a link up for anyone who still needs to use SNAILZ. This also includes the manual in PDF. If there is any reason I should take this down please let me know. SNAILZ 3.10 Link, on mega. I put this through virustotal to double check for viruses. The SHA256 matches between this file… Continue reading…

Memory Lane Redondo Beach Grading Plans


Seems like some of our designs were from yesterday, and then I take a stroll down memory lane to our archives and see what seemed like yesterday was years ago. And here we go back to B+W’s meat and potatoes, grading plans. It all started with a meeting with a sales rep for infiltration type products. I am always up for any new ideas out there revolving around the engineering community. Especially when someone says our product may be cheaper than other products. Saving money means making money, and I like to make money for… Continue reading…

Quake Catcher Network


The weeks have been flying by.  I have been trying to post more outside of my normal topic of Civil Engineering, specifically, grading plans lately. Its nice to take a break from my day to day thinking and talk about what else interests me. I don’t think I have done a good car post yet, but that will come shortly I am sure. The rocket scientist friend keeps trying to introduce me to a bunch of fellow engineers who are nuts for cars. Just my type of people. Another interest of mine revolves around computers.… Continue reading…

Engineering Calculator


Today is the day that my trusty and never let me down engineering calculator, the amazing HP 48GX, will go to its new resting place in the drawer. I have mixed feelings about switching over to my backup HP 35s.  In a pinch, I seem to use the HP 48GX app on my Android phone.  But nothing can compare to the real button press, like a physical calculator.  I am slowly moving a lot of our hand calculations to excel spreadsheets as well.  But for day to day grading plan design a calculator is a must.… Continue reading…