Sump Pump Installed in Glendale


Its been a very busy hectic week for this Civil Engineering company. So what should I do when we are swamped? Take a break and visit a job site. And I also get a chance to take some pictures of a Sump Pump that we designed for the grading plans in the City of Glendale. Backyard Remodel The sump pump for this project in the City of Glendale was smaller than we normally design for stormwater collection. The house was getting a new pool. And along with this pool, the client decided to raise part… Continue reading…

Sherman Oaks Grading Plans Approved


We had our grading plans approved for a larger single family house addition in Sherman Oaks. That’s two projects two days in a row that were approved. Draining the Stormwater to Where? What a wild ride these grading plans took us on. The original design didn’t change very much. I don’t agree that what the Sanitation section of LADBS wanted us to design is better than the original design. But we have to give and take whenever we can. There was a lot of giving on these grading plans. The original design had us draining… Continue reading…

Los Angeles Construction Boom Continues


“The Department conservatively estimates that this construction cycle will continues for years to come and be the largest the City has experienced in the past three decades,” LADBS Quarterly Issue 3, July 2014. To embed chart on your own site. <iframe width=”800″ height=”1987″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no” src=””>

Los Angeles Low Impact Development Has Changed


I don’t know why this happened, but some of the finer points in LID or Low Impact Development have changed in Los Angeles. Even more hoops to jump through for Civil Engineering. LID Fact Sheet Originally as the code was changing in 2011, stormwater mitigation on small scale residential developments consisted of proposed roof areas. Meaning whatever new roof area is added we design the volume mitigated based on that number. But a recent project we just had approved through sanitation this number has changed. Now we need to account for the proposed roof and… Continue reading…

Construction Continues for Church in Glendale


I was driving all over Los Angeles County like gas was going out of style. Lots of meetings and phone calls this past week. Our Civil Engineering firm has started to take more shape over the last year. We mainly work through referrals.  And what a great way to start the week being referred to a new project in Glendale. I was attending a meeting for this new project in Glendale when Low Impact Development (LID) was brought up. The problem to solve on new projects is how to handle treatment of stormwater and getting that… Continue reading…