Infiltration Tanks and No Soils Report?


Time to get back on track with some more grading plan designs. Before I jump into that, I got a chance to take a look at the approved grading plans for the new Trader Joes and Walgreens currently under construction on Brand Blvd in Glendale. Trader Joes and Walgreens in Glendale Wilson and I were able to walk the site as we will be connecting in a smaller site to this project and we, including our Architect, couldn’t figure out how their drainage was working. Sort of important since we are connecting a smaller parking… Continue reading…

Grading Plans Will Never Stop!


We got caught in a funny spot recently. I was preparing the last year for some type of slowdown, and what do we have now? Quite the opposite. Our grading plans have been ramping up. Along with being offered more structural engineering work than we can presently handle. Not a bad problem to have, and I am not complaining one bit. We started mainly working on larger hillside custom homes and are now picking up larger commercial and multi-unit buildings. We no longer have bread and butter projects anymore, we just have a lot of projects… Continue reading…

Save Some Water for the Fish


Water doesn’t grow on trees. Water won’t magically appear by throwing money into thin air. Conservation is a good measure that everyone can take until the drought is over. My previous post, Aging Infrastructure, also mentions that Los Angeles infrastructure could use some much needed rehab. A graphics artist, Alvaro Valiño, made this animated picture showing the LA Times infographic article about the current drought in California.  

Aging Infrastructure

No Dumping This Drains to the Ocean

Another broken water main, this time in Beverly Hills. Does anyone else notice a recent pattern? Not only is Southern California in a massive drought, but now water is literally being poured down the storm drains. I keep a running joke in my head that California can’t be in a drought because there is no mandatory water rationing. But i know better than that, so what’s going on? The last time there were drought conditions water mains were breaking left and right all over Los Angeles County. And here we go again with little news… Continue reading…

Construction in Glendale Continues


After a meeting with the City of Glendale for our next project for Enterprise Rent-a-Car on Glendale Ave., I decided it was time to see how construction is coming along for our Church project in Montrose. The progress is coming along nicely for one of the many Civil Engineering projects throughout Los Angeles County that we have under construction currently. There isn’t too much to say about the project at this point. The basement walls are going in. The 1st floor’s pad is graded. I seem to never catch any people on the site working.… Continue reading…